Expected Litter Announcement

We are very happy to announce our 1st litter. Our beautiful Nikki is expecting her puppies around July 30th . This is an exciting combination of two lovely, intelligent working dogs. Both dogs show great promise on the working field and are currently being trained in IPO at Croft IPO club.

Both Dogs have been hip and elbow scored using the ADRK scheme.

Sire: Eylauerhof’s Lacky  

Eylauerhof’s Lacky (call name Kodi) is HD and ED-free

he has also qualified BH, IPO1, IPO2 and has passed the Breeding Suitability Test (BST) under ADRK Judge Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich. He is hopefully very close to obtaining his IPO3 qualification. Kodi is trained regularly at Croft IPO Club and can be seen in action on request. Kodi has a brilliant temperament on and off the working field. he is great with other dogs and people. He is a beautiful example of the breed. He has the drive to work brilliantly on the field but is also the perfect house dog, living with his family and cats.

Dam: Akaeylauer Hof Nikki

Nikki is HD and ED free and JLPP clear. She is a beautiful Rottweiler who excels on the working field showing excellent drive and confidence. She is also a lovely dog to have at home and her temperament is second to none. She is great with kids and other dogs and has never shown any aggression. She is a real sweetheart and loves people.

If you have any questions about reserving one of the litter please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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