About Us

Welcome to Uberlegen Rottweilers. We are breeders of working Rottweilers, with over 20 years experience with the breed.

We are passionate about this beautiful breed and our focus is always on producing strong, healthy dogs. We truly believe that your dog shouldn’t just look like a Rottweiler. He should behave and perform like a Rottweiler.

We always health test our dogs to ensure they are suitable for breeding, giving you the best chance for a healthy puppy.

In our spare time we run an IPO club with a majority of our members training Rottweilers. We love to train and get the best out of our dogs. IPO is a physically and mentally demanding sport and keeps all our dogs fit and active. We are also running obedience classes for puppies and older dogs, feel free to get in touch if you are interested in training.

Take a look at our dogs and keep an eye on our planned litters. You can also subscribe by email, below, to make sure you are notified about any events or planned litters.